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On November 27 2017 we have moved to a new email system. Microsoft Office 365 is now your main Office suite and it contains Outlook, Word, Excel as well as many other useful programs.

If you were on Office 2010 you WILL NOT get your email on this application anymore. You can still use the Excel and Word programs but not Outlook.

You can access your personalized Office 365 experience at:


From the above link you can access all of your Office Suite programs as well as access the link to download and Install all of the programs associated with Office 365 onto your computer.

Once you are logged onto the Office Portal you can Access the web versions of Outlook, Word, Excel and the many other applications. You can also change your password and other information on the portal.

Once the program has been installed on your desktop you will only need to start Microsoft Outlook and enter your email address and when required to do so your password.

For those of you that need to get their email on your Smart-phone you can click on the link below to get your email setup on your device.

Mobile device: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Set-up-Office-apps-and-email-on-a-mobile-device-7dabb6cb-0046-40b6-81fe-767e0b1f014f

On the above website you will find very clear instructions (with pictures) on how to set up your email. However, I have found that you will need to use the second part of the instructions to manually enter the information into your device. I've also created a manual to help you through getting your email set up.

Click here to get the document. If you inssist on using your native email app you will need to use the second part of the manual to enter the mail and SMTP setting.

By far the easiest way to setup your email is to use Outlook for either Android or iPhone. I keeps continuity in your Calendar and your contacts. You can either click the link below and enter your phone number to get a text message with a link or just got the the Appstore for Apple or Google Play for your Android Device.




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