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After you open Microsoft Outlook

For MS Outrlook 2000

For MS Outlook 2010 Click Here

1) Click on Tools
2) Click on E-mail Accounts

Add an e-mail account

3) Click on "Add New Email Account" then Click Next >

New Account

4) In Server Types Select POP3
5) Click Next

Server Type

6) Type in Your Name as you would like it to appear in the emails you send out
7) Type in your address this is usually your first initial combined with your last name the @ symbol and edgewoodforestproducts.com (this will have been provided to you)
8) Both the incoming and the outgoing servers are mail.edgewoodforestproducts.com
9) Enter your User Name. This is your email address but substitute a "+" sign for the @ symbol.
ie buncle+edgewoodforestproducts.com then enter the password that you were given.
10) Click on More Settings

Internet Email Settings

11) Click on the Outgong Server Tab then select "My Server Requires Authentication"

Outgoing Server

12) Click on the Advanced Tab and ensure that 110 is in the Incoming Server (POP3) Text box
13) Enter 587 into the Outgoing server (SMTP) Text box.
14) Click OK



15) Click Next >

Accounts 2

16) Click Finish


You are now ready to receive your email. Goto Top

Go Home

MS Outlook 2010

Step 1 Click on File

Step 2 Click on Account Settings then Account settings again;

Step 3 Click on the account you want to change then click on Change

Step 4 enter the mail.edgewoodfp.com in both the incoming and the SMTP boxes

Step 4 B Click on “More Settings”
Step 5 select the “Outgoing Server” Tab and Click on “My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires Authentication”

Step 6 Select the Advanced Tab enter 143 in the Incoming Server (IMAP) Box and 587 in the Ougoing Server (SMTP) Box. Ensure that "None" is Selected in both the "encrypted connectin" boxes.  

Click OK.
Then Click Next and a test email will be sent if all is good you will get a message the look something like:

Click Finish and then close.



That's all there is too it.

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