Trusted Certification

To demonstrate our commitment to the sustainable forests environment and with the responsibility of managing our own forest license we have recognized the need to be involved in a forest certification process. This process includes third-party audits which will confirm that certain sectors have been met. These indicators include before station, water quality, wildlife conservation and visual quality to name a few. Edgewood Forest Products is in the process of becoming certified under the sustainable for a string initiative program. In order to achieve this high level of sustainability Edgewood Forest Products is in the process of developing a sustainable for stream management and environmental management system manual. Within these manuals we are committed to sustainability and the environment to be responsible stewards of the 4 straight through our environmental policy.

In addition to our own forest license commitment to sustainability we are also responsible for determining if outside log deliveries are from a certified source. This process is known as "Chain of Custody" (CoC) which tracks the logs from the geographic location the originated through the scales and log yard to the milling process and ending at our customers. By tracking where all the log sources originate we can determine which logs are certified and which are uncertified and in turn our customers will have an accurate percentage of certified products they sell.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Website

Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) Website

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